How Pornhub Uses Infographics to Market Their Brand

Lately, most companies have incorporated infographics into their content marketing strategy. Luckily for everyone online, pornhub proves no exception. In fact, pornhub nails — pun intended – using infographics to market their brand. For one, pornhub analysts have gathered outrageous statistics.

Additionally, pornhub designers have transformed the statistics into relatable information and humor. Much like porn, infographics have visual appeal: people respond well to infographics. The distinguishing factor between pornhub’s infographics and other companies’ infographics lies in that pornhub designs the information with the underlying connotation ‘everyone watches porn: everyone is invited’ to incentivize more people to watch porn on their site. Pornhub effectively and undeniably uses infographics to market their brand as relatable to every demographic and viewer.


Aside from easily understanding the information, a reader will typically remember an infographic more than reading a statistic on its own. Companies recognize the aforementioned value of infographics; pornhub, specifically, has used infographics effectively by using data in a way that targets every demographic. Now, pornhub even has a blog called Pornhub Insights that will inevitably boost SEO because of keywords and drive more people to watch porn on pornhub. The pornhub copywriters accompanied every stunning graphic with pun-filled innuendos that will likely drive people to make pornhub the go-to porn site.

Pornhub does not just marketing to men: pornhub markets to women. For one, pornhub made graphics for ‘big beautiful women’ and ‘international women’s day.’ Pornhub created a graphic called Most Searched for Pornstars by Women. According to, women viewers increased by 29% in 2018: that’s not an accident. Pornhub effectively markets to women. By sharing statistics such as an increase in women viewers, pornhub will give more women a reason to join by suggesting that a significant number of women already watch porn. Based on statistic that 29% more online engagement resulted after pornhub started marketing to women, pornhub effectively uses infographics to market their brand with the overarching message of inclusivity and relatability.


Even though pornhub markets to specific demographics, none of the infographics have a connotation of isolating a particular group. Pornhub uses infographics to represent trans people: even for infographics not specifically addressing trans people, pornhub has shown trans as a keyword in searches. Part of the reason why pornhub’s marketing works relates to the fact that even when the infographics address a specific demographic, the statistic has to do with something interesting for everyone: in that way, pornhub does not isolate the target marketing demographic or other readers.

Every infographic seems to have a value add because the information proves original and outrageous. The infographics include strong design principles, humor and innuendos, as well as strong copywriting. Pornhub even creates infographics for movie fans, people who watched the grammy’s, and an older demographic; evidently, pornhub infographic designers are not racists, ageists, sexist, or against musical theatre. Despite the fact that pornhub remains a risqué, adult site – the infographics prove tasteful. Pornhub effectively uses infographics to market their brand as the site for every demographic to visit for a wank.