How to use Google AdWords without a website

In the past, access to Google’s AdWords Keyword Planner was fast and easy. This tool helped businesses with limited budgets get started on keyword research, which is crucial to creating quality content. KP provided data like keyword suggestions and trends for AdWords advertisers and online marketers. It also evaluated costs-per-click information to show what the competition for a given keyword was like.

Sadly, those days are gone. Now, Google asks for credit card information before giving access to the Keyword Planner. This process obstructs keyword research for marketers who aren’t running an AdWords campaign actively.

Can you still access this tool even if you aren’t running an AdWords campaign?

It turns out that yes, you can – in three easy steps at that. Go to Google AdWords, skip the guided setup, and go to Keyword Planner. Read details below.

Navigate to Google AdWords

Go to AdWords, but don’t enter your email address. Don’t click on “Continue” on the AdWords page, because this will take you to the campaign setup process, and once there, there’s no going back. If you are launched into this process, you’ll need to start over with another email address. Click on “Skip the guided setup” in AdWords. The system will direct you to the campaign dashboard.

Find Keyword Planner

Once there, look for “Keyword Planner” on the dashboard. It is in the upper right-hand corner under the wrench icon. Click on the icon and then on “Keyword Planner”, which will show up at the top of the list under the “Planning” heading.

You’re almost done. Now, you should be at the Keyword Planner’s landing page, where you can start researching keywords.

Google manages your account for free

For three months, you have free account management directly by the search giant’s sales representatives. You’ll still need to cover advertising costs, but you’ll save a potentially huge management fee and at least a few months of commitment.

Keep in mind that you shouldn’t jump at new features because some of them might be wrong for your business. Google is always launching new features. If you don’t care about desktop clicks because the main goal of your advertising is to generate calls via mobile traffic, you could avail yourself of Callouts Extensions, which enable several additional text strings without further links to the site.

In conclusion, consider your unique needs in the process of keyword research and use only the most relevant extensions for your business.