How to Find Trans Girls in Dubai

In Dubai, it’s hard for ladyboys to seek relationships openly. For those interested in finding them, this makes interaction and communication equally difficult. In fact, is it even possible to get a TS date in Dubai? It’s important to be discrete in your search.

Online dating sites are the first option. After talking and getting to know someone, you can move to meet them in person. Trans people in Dubai tend to be very careful and cautious. It will take some patience, but know that caution is not a bad sign by any means. It might show the person has a genuine interest in you and is looking for the same things you are.  

Best Sites and Apps to Try

Badoo and eHarmony are two good options with overwhelmingly positive reviews. On both of these, you stand a chance of finding the girl you’re looking for. Not all sites are as dedicated to user safety and deleting spam. My Ladyboy Date, My Transgender Cupid, My Transgender Date, and other international trans dating sites are all accessible in the emirate. Even locals use them to look for a match. These niche sites demonstrate the utmost respect for each and every user.


You could opt for personals if you want to find trans girls in Dubai. People who’ve done that report mixed outcomes. Some will tell you they were a good investment. Others complain they’re nothing but a waste of time. Quite a few of these sites have issues with spam.

Some apps and sites give you free access to profiles, which can be very informative. It’s a feature that one should certainly take advantage of. To be safe, don’t use your real name on profiles, ads, or when talking to someone. Don’t tell them where you live or what your job is and don’t share personal photos, at least not right off the bat. You won’t see trans girls out in public like you would in other popular travel destinations. Avoid picking up trans girls in bars or clubs in Dubai. You will probably attract unwanted attention if you are seen getting comfy with someone who is visibly trans, or with anyone else for that matter. Do the research and ask people you can trust about the locations, which are LGBT-friendly. Dubai is a global hub of commerce and entertainment, and it’s not hard to find them. You might meet someone at one of these venues. If you do, don’t rush things.