Where to find link building services in other countries?

If you’re looking for link building services in other countries, you’ll be happy to know Google allows you to specify which geographic region you would like your site to target within Webmaster Central. This is a useful tool for companies, whose site is hosted in the US with a .com extension.

One disadvantage of this tool involves selecting link partners. If a company’s .com site is targeted at Italy, for example, but it doesn’t have an .it domain, then you may find local Italian link partners don’t want to exchange links with you because the link will look like it’s hosted on a “.com” in the United States.

Use local content

Quality content is at the core of any good link building strategy. While you can localize product and service pages for foreign markets, effective link building in different regions requires more planning, research and strategy. One specific blog might not attract people on multiple territories. If you want to create valuable and sharable content linking back to international influencers, you need to enlist help from native writers. In the Italian example, you’d look for a native Italian speaker. If you’re looking at link building in Brazil, you’ll need to hire a Portuguese writer.


Research has shown that most people don’t really know how search engines will perceive the location of the link on a geo-targeted page. You need to geo-target your site correctly, which means running your site on the appropriate local domain or hosting it locally to the market you’re targeting.

PageRank’s not what it used to be

As new international link building rules set in, PageRank becomes relegated to obscurity. This is particularly important when looking for link building services abroad. In every event, don’t try to compare PageRank scores. The links within a particular domain or country will vary significantly.

Guest Posts: The Most Common Type of Link

Studies have shown guest posts are the most common, if not the only type of link services are selling. They are very expensive in general and on top of this, many “international” services are shady. If you’re looking into buying guest posts for link building in France, you need to ask yourself how expensive the service is, whether the process is any good, and whether the links are quality.

Leverage existing international backlinks

You probably have some territory-specific, quality links already pointing to your domain if your company is present on multiple international territories. To be effective, these links should be directing searchers to territory-specific content. For example, links from Italian websites could be pointing to UK English content.

Final Thoughts

To identify any external links that could direct to more territory specific domain content, run a backlink report of your domain using a tool like Screaming Frog SEO Spider, which includes up to 500 free URLs. Another good tool is SEMrush, which gives you a list of where your existing backlinks are coming from.